Biker Bandit

The biker gang world is driven by power struggles, territory control and fast moving vehicles, the perfect ingredients for a board game.

My idea for a biker board game came from watching ‘The Sons Of Anarchy’ television series and it is also what the game will be loosely based on. I did originally have the intention to base this game on the series, however there is already a licensed game that exists.

Biker  Bandit is the game that can be played with 2-4 people, however the more people playing the better. Each player will be assigned a different gang to operate as throughout the game. Each gang will control certain territories on the map whilst also having their own gang specific skill set and resources.

The different gangs will be made up of gangs that feature in the SOA series: White Bikers, Chinese Mafia, Black Street Gang, Mexican Bikers

Biker Bandit has also taken key concepts and ideas from the board game Risk. The main concept I have taken from Risk is that in essence, the player who controls the most territory on the map at the end of the game will be the winner.

Territories can be won and lost during a battle with another gang.

Biker Bandit also allows players to join forces and create a relationship that will be beneficial to both parties. Aligning with another gang can help to increase finances and power for each party. Be careful of the ‘Stab In The Back’ card which allows the holder, if they are in partnership with another gang, to take control of all property and inventory that has been collected during their partnership.

Play items will include:
– 1 Board (Map style)
– 4 different types of play characters to represent each gang. Each gang piece will be entirely different rather than divided by colour (Each gang will have 15 pieces)
– Inventory pieces (Weapons, vehicles, resources)
– Stack of ‘Wild Cards’ (stab in the back, send to prison,
Bank notes (Similar to Monopoly)
– General Cards (Weapons, vehicles, resources, collect a wild card etc)


The map will be inspired by ones that appears in Grand Theft Auto games

Game Play

Each player will start off with their full gang members and depending on what gang the player is operating as will also depend on what resources you will start with. For example some gangs will be given more money, whilst another gang may be given more weapons.

Throughout the game you will be given the chance to generate income by purchasing key locations on the map. These locations can only be purchased if it is in a territory that the player is already controlling. Locations can also be taken over during battle. Each location will have properties or a business that can help generate money throughout the game.

To engage in battle you must be controlling a connected territory to challenge another gang. Each gang will be allowed to use up to 5 members during battle and the gang who has the better resources wins and will take control of that territory. When occupying a territory gangs must keep at least to members in that area to protect it.

There are two ways in which a winner can be determined:
– One player has taken control of the entire board
– Players have ran out of gang members to protect all their territories (Remembering two members must stay in each territory that you occupy)

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