Prototyping, Play testing and Further Investigation


Hi, everyone welcomes back to my blog. This week is about conducting future Investigation of board game’s prototyping and Playtesting of the game.


To get the idea of the game that I’m prototyping there are two influences aspects. First, as I mentioned before in week 3 and 7 that over this semester I have been playing a number of board games and the one I really like/enjoy is the Splendor [you can find out why HERE]. Second, is the game that I played when I was younger ‘SimCity’. As of that time, the game will be borrowing some of the mechanics from Splendor and using SimCity’s themes to create the perfect game for me. Basically, each player will be acting as a mayor of that city at the start of the game they will be given a blank map of the city. Each turn of the game players…

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