Play Testing Turnip Pageant

Play testing my game was extremely helpful. It helped me suss out a few inconsistencies that I never would have noticed or thought of.


For instance, until I was prompted I didn’t know how long it takes for fertilizer/feed to apply and add to a crop or monster’s health or shorten minor crop growth time. When asked I told the players that it should apply after a night cycle and be shuffled back into the deck. After playing the game and observing how hard it was to gain and keep health points on a monster/crop, I think I might have it be an instant addition instead. However, that isn’t a perfect solution because it loses the very fun opportunity for enemy players to steal high quality cards such as crocodile tears +20 card. I will need to think about that specific dilemma more.


There were also small nitpicky details I noticed. Privacy screens were far too tall and people hand to stand up to reach over them and draw cards. It was also a little unfortunate that all the card decks had to be face up because each deck was indistinguishable from other decks. I’m unsure if this is as bad as I think it is or if that is actually a perk. One of my play testers suggested that I just say screw it and mix all of the decks into one mega deck to forfeit card drawing entirely to the RNG gods. I will play test this at a later date and see if this is the better option. A big problem was how finicky discarding was. We reshuffled the decks with each discard which slowed down game play and honestly didn’t do much to help. I might just merge the decks to try and avoid this.

Another worry I had was what to do when a person goes in to duel another person and infiltrate their farm but fails, do the cards that negate each other both get discarded even if the infiltration failed? I hazarded to say yes those cards are removed from both people. This was one among many changes I made on the spot.

It used to be that cards on the plots of a farm being invaded are all face down—now it is that all cards are face down except for defense cards so infiltrators will know immediately what they can and can’t negate without awkwardness on the part of the defender.


I also decided on the spot that duplicate cards such as having two fence cards in your hand means that you can’t have more than one of the same card on the same garden plot. This was to prevent people from just spamming the same defense and making unfair annoying game play. It also came up that more than one growing item (eg: turnip and carrots) cannot be growing on the same garden plot).


A worry I have is that game play is a little too clunky or if that is just a symptom of early play testing an unfinished game. Otherwise I’m really optimistic with how much my game has grown and I’m eager to develop it further!

Main thing I learned was that Pumpkin Bombs are too numerous and far too powerful.


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