Singularity Account

Sam Cavanagh

Singularity prototyping occurred first playing Machi Koro, a management and resource development board-game. Inspiration followed after a player ran into debt, and Machi Koro ruling didn’t required that player to divest their establishments to pay their dues. Thus development of Singularity began with the idea of investing and divesting infrastructure, and the ability of capital accumulation through a growing interest in economic systems. Monetary systems aren’t ‘fun,’ however with the growing interest of private enterprise (such as SpaceX) in space led to the integration of space and economic theory to develop on this prototype and develop a engaging game that works off market systems. This theory provides a framework of themes for the game.

Development of the game began by researching space theory and science fiction such as the Kardashev Scale, and to what technology each civilisation Type would hypothetically utilise such as a Dyson Sphere (one of the…

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