The Agency: Prototyping & Play testing


Throughout the entire game design process I kept a journal and a design file, where I would write down and collect all my thoughts, sketch out any designs and write down notes during prototyping, testing and development.


Houde and Hill define prototyping as a “physical representation of an idea”, and can be used to better understand 4 principles, ‘integration, role, look and feel and implementation’ (2008, p.11) Their model was used during game development to enable me to focus on specific questions of the game regarding the look and feel and overall user experience. Due to the materialistic nature and design of my game, initial prototyping relied on ‘mixed-fidelity prototyping’, which combined low (paper-based) and high (interactive and almost complete representation) prototyping (Verhamme, 2009, p. 15) to better understand both the gameplay process and the interaction with game elements (product design).

I printed off my skill cards, development cards…

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