Blog 2 Pitch Matthew Lawrence

I have done a audio work but had to put it in video sorry about that.

here’s what I started with for this blog

Pitch ideas down

My idea for the game is a pitch game that is based around creating a movie pitch for a producer. This works at the moment by the producer giving the pitchers outlines like genre and setting and letting them have a about 1-3 mins to come up with a pitch around those ideas

This idea came from the divide I had to where I wanted a asymmetric game that had the players versus the board or a player and theme of film, where while the asymmetric seems cool I couldn’t think the idea through and the other idea was born of having a simple pitch game like cards

The other reason I went with this was when I pitched the two ideas to a group I like to game with they were all drawn to the pitch game. They even worked with me to narrow down the mechanics to what it is now

the first play test came from that group and brought all the pros and cons of the idea to the surface with was cool. For one the whole thing was ok as a card pitch game but there were limiting factors like the pitch time causing the producer player to have not much to do, players with problems of spontaneous creation having trouble coming with ideas, the question of is this competitive or just for fun and the pro and cons of that.



  • Idea ‘
  • Whos it for
  • Whats its for
  • Game play
  • Origins
  • Additional things to add


and here is what I have for the audio

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