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20180309_105639 Nexus Ops box artwork

Nexus Ops is a game of strategy as much as it is a game of luck. Developed by Charlie Catino and Steven Kimball, and published in 2005 by Avalon Hill Games, Nexus Ops pits player against player in a race to win battles, complete secret missions and collect victory points. It is the perfect blend of Ameritrash luck and wargame tactic. In 2011 Fantasy Flight Games purchased the rights to the game, and subsequently in January of 2012, a reprint of the game was released. This is the version that we played. The 2012 releases featured some really exciting changes for people who had played the original. There are re-designed minis, a few tweaks to the energise cards, some new artwork, and a modified rule book with some new optional ways to play.

The game operates in 6 phases on each player’s turn. The phases are…

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