Board Games and Harry

Harrison Thomas


This first post for this semester of university is about a board games that I played in a BCM300 Tutorial. This board game was actually very entertaining and continued to surprise me with creative techniques, rules and strategies to win the game. The game is the board game of the year in 2015, “The Sheriff of Nottingham”, created by Sergio Halaban, Andre Zatz and Bryan Pope.

Shitreff of Cockingham.jpg

The Sheriff of Nottingham is a game about deceit. At the start of the game, you receive a certain amount of coins and cards. There are two types of cards, Green (Legal Goods) and Red (Contraband). The idea of the game is to have the most coins at the end, and on each card there is a number, that number being the amount of coins its worth.


Each round, a person is chosen to be the Sheriff, and their goal is to find…

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