BCM300 Arsonist Al? The narrative?


In class today, with my group of Eliza, Sam and Jei we began to experiment in developing a game with a narrative that was interesting to us, while not overshadowing our games mechanics.
The game we prototyped in class as a group was Arsonist Al, a board game with a tile based game drawing mechanical inspirations from Battleship, Nexus ops and Pandemic. As for the inspiration on where the idea of creating a arsonist themed game, I’m not sure as to where a member of our group (Jei) decided on the idea, but the group agreed happily to workshop the theme. Our narrative, is the idea of 3 fire-fighters engaging with the fires created by the Arsonist who is 1 player. This is a 3v1 game where the arsonist has hidden objectives which only the fire-fighters know the location of. These could be towns, cities, buildings ect where the arsonist…

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