The ultimate analysis of Machi Koro



Machi Koro isn’t a classic board game on a Kmart game shelf but lest we underrate its reputation among serious and non-serious gamers. Machi Koro originated from Japan and first distributed by Grounding Inc in 2012, the tabletop city-building game was an ‘instant sensation‘ (Schloesser) with all the copies sold out, which made it even harder to purchase English copies. It was not until July 2014 did IDW Games adopt it and release an English edition for Machi Koro to officially hit the store shelves worldwide.

Machi Koro builds a simulative city where players become its mayor. Theoretically, the path to winning this game is quite simple: roll the dice, buy properties and collect money from these properties to construct all four special buildings. Each property card will have a number and an effect, which would be activated whenever the number on the dice coincides with the number on…

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