Blog Post 1- Week 2: Codenames


Codenames is a 2015 game from Czech Games Edition and designer Vlaada Chvátil. The game is for 2-8 players and takes about 15 minutes to play a round. Inspired similarly to the game Password, there is designated Spymaster who is trying to get their team to guess a series of words without guessing the wrong thing.

The game comes with;

  • 8 Red Agent cards
  • 8 Blue Agent cards
  • 1 Double Agent card
  • 7 Innocent Bystander cards
  • Assassin card
  • 40 Key cards
  • Code cards
  • Timer

For this lesson I played with Noelle,  Liam and Mel. We split into teams, boys (red agents) against girls (blue agents). After electing our spymasters, each team drew a key card to discover what positions our words were in order to win the game.

On a team’s turn, the Spymaster looks at the words that belong to their team and tries to find a common thread…

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