Escape the HECS Debt

Zoe Majstorovic

The board game we created in class was called escape the HECS debt. The game is very similar to the game of life yet it is directed towards UOW students, making this game very interactive with current students at UOW.

To start this game you need to pick a character card from the deck, there are many character to choose from at random. Some examples of the characters:

-Arts student

-Lives on campus student

-Law student

-Lives at home student

-Mature age student

-Business student

-Exchange student

-Hipster student

-Vegan student

And a travel student

Each character has their own characteristics that shape how you play the game. Each student has a different amount of HECS debt and the aim of the game is to have to least amount of HECS debt.

To get around the board each student has to pick up a card that will give them a…

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