Trivial Bullshit


In this weeks class of BCM300, we were formed into groups to begin brainstorming and production of masterful game idea. Trivial Bullshit, is the idea we as a group came up with. It is a game based upon the themes of deception and lying, as well as trivial and general knowledge.

In this game, A player draws a question card from one of the 6 categories to chose from; Science, Geography, Pop Culture, Sports, Random, and History. The player who draws the question must keep the question side facing to his/herself, and thus the answer to the question on the other side of the drawn card should then be on full display to the other players. Those players draw from a deck of cards, all of which instruct whom whether to lie or tell the truth; only one card in that deck must allow a player to tell theā€¦

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