Gamifying the Work/Life Balance

The Concept

Game design is an art you don’t truly appreciate nor consider until you attempt it. Ashleigh, Bec, Zoe and myself had been brainstorming ludicrous narratives at random in an attempt to create a unique game. During our conversation, the struggle of maintaining decent grades, working and sustaining some sort of social life arose – and our idea was born. We decided to build a game around the concept of balancing those three areas.

The original blueprint was named Escape the HECS Debt. It was effectively a reflection of The Game of Life, but instead of imitating life events such as having children, purchasing insurance and building careers and salaries, our game was inspired by students at the University of Wollongong.

After a conversation with our tutor, Richard, regarding our game design, we realised our design was overly complicated for such a simple game…

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