BLOG POST 2: Storyline and mechanics

Pippy in Australia


In week 3 of our lectures, we were divided in smaller groups and had to come up with an idea for our own game. The main two objectives were to determine game`s theme and its mechanics. We united on a role playing card game, loosely based on a board game Werewolf (Are you a werewolf?), created by Plotkin and Davidoff IN 1986 (Boardgamegeek, 2018). In this game, players take roles of villagers, werewolves and Seer, with one person being a moderator and narrating the game. The aim of the game is for werewolves to kill as many villagers as possible, while villagers try to discover, which of the players are werewolves.



We placed our game in a year 2754, in a world resembling that in a movie Blade runner. Game genre is cyberpunk/future noir, and its main themes are deception, lying, pretending, negotiation and…

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