Game Mechanics: Player Perks

Mars Man.jpg

Heres an update on our project

This is a follow up on my last post (The Mars Expedition). The last post was just a brief explanation on the game mechanics. After discussing for almost a week, we’ve finally come out with a solid mechanic.

The game will feature 5 different characters

  • Harvester (resource expert)
  • Military Guy (for protection)
  • Engineer (to get through obstacles)
  • Medic (medical specialist for healing other players)
  • Navigator (has the map in his head)

Each characters will have their very own perks and advantages.

The Harvester is the most important person in the team. She has the ability to forage food to assist the team (especially the medical specialist). The Harvester should be protected at all cost because she’s the only person that possess the knowledge on unlocking the secret security box and how to use the resources correctly.

The military guy is your average brute and loyal personnel. He’s the best in his class and had past experience dealing with unknown space creatures. His mission is to protect the team at all cost.

Crysis 2
How we picture the Military Guy. Picture belongs to EA (Crysis 2)

His special ability is + Damages which means, he can easily past through tough enemies. But be careful, once he’s down, there wont be anyone to protect the team.

Next is the engineer, the smartest person with an awkward personality. He’s basically the opposite of Tony Stark, but his brain is as smart as his.

Tony Stark'.jpg
Tony Stark. Picture belongs to Marvel Studios

He can build amazing things like mini bridges, guns with limited resources. With his ability, the team will be able to go through any challenging obstacles in Mars.

Another important role in the team is the medical specialist. Trained by the Soviets Spetnaz team ,she’s become the best doctor in all of mars that has saved thousands of patients for the past decade. She can work under pressure, and heal other members during this mission. Both The Harvester and Medical Specialist are the most important members in the team. If both of them got killed, the game will be over.

The last person is the navigator. A former Navy Seals captain who travelled around the seas of Earth for the past 20 years. He’s the 4th person to ever explored the Mariana Trench and lived. Nicknamed as the “Poseidon” by the US Navy seals, as a reference to the Greek’s God of the seas, he is also keen to conquer the surface of Mars (since there are no seas in Mars). He practically had 75% of the map of Mars in his head to help the team navigate the crash site. He has the ability to move any direction on the game.

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