Blog Post 3: Week 4- Mechanics


This week my group focused on further developing our game ‘Back and Forth’ as well as finalising the mechanics, algorithms, and rules of the game. Chris suggested that we split these details up throughout each of our posts. After discussing these areas with my group we came to the agreement that the posts would be split as follows:

  1. David- Mechanics
  2. Mel- Scenarios
  3. Liam- Research
  4. Noelle- Set up/ Board Description

Building the mechanics of the game I wanted to ensure that players would be able to easily understand our rules. Looking at some of the past weeks games, I found that these become more difficult when the rules aren’t explained clearly. To avoid confusion I looked at implemented steps throughout these rules, making it easier for players to follow along. Throughout the development of these mechanics I ensured that any changes/updates made were confirmed by the group to maintain our work…

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