BLOG POST 3: Detailed mechanics, rules and production

Pippy in Australia

In week four, our group develop and almost finalised games’ rules. While talking about the specific mechanics used in our game, we realised that we wanted to incorporate too many different things into it, and have decided to slightly alter its rules.


After realising that the game has too many rules, we decided to simplify it and reduce the number of characters. We got our inspiration from two similar games, both of which contributed to our final game.



Battlestar Galactica puts players in different roles, with their own abilities and weaknesses, and they all must work together in order for humanity to have any hope of survival. However, one of the players plays against them, so they must attempt to expose him (Boardgamegeek, 2008). We have taken these mechanics and incorporated them into our game. Thus, players in our game are also assigned characters with…

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