Game Mechanics.

The game that my group and I have created is a deception based detective, noir game. It takes a certain amount of players to get started, but from then on, the game has the potential to be changed in order to incorporate more players. This could include, making more killer and copycat cards or changing the amount of hits it takes to kill someone. The starting amount is 6 – 9 players. There will be a night phase where all characters will have to close their eyes, so certain characters can attempt to complete their objectives. There is a the potential to use an app in order to help the night phase run more smoothly, this could involve a voice over, similar to werewolf

We have implemented a card system, which uses Character/special ability cards and Role cards in order to create variety in each play-through. These certain role cards and character cards are designed to create variety and attempt to change a characters motives throughout the game.

In the game, we have included a health system that has the potential to keep players involved throughout the game without getting killed instantly, however there is still a chance you can lose early on. That is something we might have to work out whether we wish to keep.

A player can be hurt a maximum of two times. This will be shown by the use of red tokens. When a player has more than one token, they are out of the game.

Here are the rules for the characters we have so far:

  • The Killer can only kill 1 per round, or has the ability to injure 2. The killer, if he/she chooses, has the option to harm themselves. This plays into the strategy element of the game.
  • The Doctor can only revive/heal 2 people per game. There is a chance that the doctor may be able to heal half health to 1 character consistently throughout the game, we haven’t finalised the rules completely.
  • The Detective can ask a maximum of 2 questions to the AI/Game master throughout the game. However, the detective can ask as many questions as they’d like to anyone else throughout the game in order to solve the mystery.
  • The Commoner has the potential to side with either the killer or the detective, this will be influenced by the secondary goals for the person.
  • The Copycat has the potential to injure 1 person each round.
  • The AI can change the roles of the characters randomly throughout the game

The game will consist of as many rounds it takes to find out who the killers is. With large amounts of people this could affect the amount of time played.

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