Game Theme and Narrative.

Our game is a futuristic, detective, noir themed game. You can play a variety of characters, including

  • Detective
  • Doctor
  • Killer
  • Copycat
  • Commoner
  • The AI

The story of the game is;

You are stuck in a game. Created by an overruling AI character. Inside, you will have to complete your various hidden objectives in order to complete your main goal, escaping the game and finding out who the killer is. Through the use of strategy and questions, you can achieve your goals.

The Killer’s goal is simple, kill and not get caught.

The Copycat’s goal is to try convince people that they’re the killer.

The Detective has to find the killer and stop people from being harmed.

The Doctor’s goal is to revive and heal as many people as he can without being killed.

The Commoner’s goal is to either create mischief or help find out who the killer is.

The AI controls the game and has the potential to change certain aspects within the game.

There will be other hidden goals for people to achieve throughout the game included.

Whilst designing the theme and narrative of the game, we took inspiration from heaps of different games and movies.

Some include:

  • Board Games: Werewolf and Shadow Hunters. This inspired the mechanics of the way the game is played and inspired some of the characters involved.
  • Movies: Blade Runner/Blade Runner 2049. This inspired the detective, futuristic noir themes within the game. We are aiming for a cyberpunk, noir mixed theme.
  • Video Games: LA Noir. Despite the fact that this will be a board game instead of a video game, I think LA Noir was a good source of inspiration. We’ve taken the ideas of questions and detective work and we plan to implement that into the games mechanics.

There are some aspects that we have to decide on. Some parts of the game will most likely be changed in order to make an achievable game

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