Pre-Drinking: ‘the act of drinking alcohol before going to the club to maximise your fun’.

Life of Cassie

OK, here we go…


Another typical pre-drinking game where you roll a dice and have to do something ridiculous to then otherwise pour some sort of throat numbing liquor down the back of your throat….. Well you’re wrong, you may have assumed that this is so, but we are taking this idea in a different direction.


Now the whole idea for our ‘pre-drinks’ game (the official name is yet to be confirmed) relates to a game you may have heard of – ‘Red Dragon Inn’. Only the themes are completely contrasting to each other. Although it has some relations to Red Dragon Inn, the layout of the game has been inspired by the ‘Talisman Board’.

Now the main pointers to understand about our game that is currently under construction is that it is played best with 4-8 people that are purposefully going to spend a night…

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