The Mechanics of Restaurant Race

Dawn's Disclosure

restaurant race

My logo design for our game.

After my group decided on a narrative/theme we wanted to follow for Restaurant Race, we began working out the mechanics of the gameplay. During the tutorial, we discussed the key rules of the game and worked out some of the problems we imagined the game would have.

A draft of the rules:

  1. The youngest player starts first, and then the turns move clockwise in order.
  2. Players cannot make any moves until their turn, unless it is a strategy card to stop a negative action that is being used against them.
  3. Players can either pick up 2 category cards or 1 strategy card during a turn.
  4. Points cannot be deducted from a restaurant board if it is part of a completed category.
  5. Players can only pick up 5 strategy cards per game, excluding the one that they start with (6 in total).

We compared our…

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