The Story of Our Game


Like any good story, games too follow a three-act structure; the set up, the confrontation, and the resolution. While brainstorming game ideas in class, Abby and I began to prototype a (hopefully) fun party game, with an aim to break the ice at any cold, social gathering. Here is an act by act run-down of the story of game: ‘Odds On’.

The Setup:

Picture yourself at the infamous ‘awkward first hour of a party.’ The sun is still up, the alcohol hasn’t kicked in, and no one is talking to each other- It’s the reason people turn up late to parties.

Image result for awkward party No more awkward parties! (source)

Odds On is the solution to every awkward first hour of a party, every boring sleepover, every “anyone know a game to play?”. Every game is different, and it’s the perfect way to break the ice, socialise and play!

The prototyped game…

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