A.I (the unofficial name)

Don't Forget Stephen

“A.I” (unofficial name) is the game that is under currently under development within BCM300. This game is a story, turn-based game focusing upon detection and deception. Based in 2754 we step into a steampunk world which is inhabited by a multitude of different species living together in what has created a new normal culture. The main three species that will be focused upon within the game are:

Each species has a different and unique attributes that will affect their gameplay and how they go about situations. So within this steampunk realm there is a story to be unearthed, which is that based on murder and mystery! A.I a rouge sentient program has abducted and trapped people within a game it created. A.I has created a world in where we follow a group of unique character who have been thrown into a murder plot, and watch as they…

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