A.I (Unoffical name) Rules

Don't Forget Stephen

“A.I” (unofficial name)

Welcome back to the steampunk world of A.I. This time we will be looking into the rules, mechanics and algorithms that will run the world of A.I. Firstly a few notes on A.I, this games mechanics are similar to games such as Mafia, Town of Salem, Secret Hitler and Dead of winter. It’s an action phase type game which pits a group against one another while working towards a common goal. This type of game is used to try to psychologically make you doubt the group and individuals making it harder to make the right choice.  But more about A.I,
(Side of box)

6-20 players


(Contents of box)

20 Unique Character cards.
20 Role Cards (4 killers, 1 Doctor, 1 detective, 1 Copycat, 13 normal).

9 Red damage tokens.

1 Rule book.


Before the game can start the setup of A.I must…

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