B.N.O: The newest cool acronym that’s about to go viral for our soon to be most popular game ‘Big Night Out’

Life of Cassie

What was once upon a time a simple yet complex idea of a game surrounding the theme of ‘pre drinks’ as a role-play, has now newly transformed into what you will now know as the epic board game of ‘Big Night Out’.

Now this is due to a mixed number of reasons, one being it was becoming rather difficult for ourselves to understand how we were going to create this game whilst purely role-playing. Number two was our great interest taken in the board game called ‘Talisman’. Due to the fact that our game is basically split into two different parts. Part one being the outer ring, and part two consisting of the inner ring, extremely relative to the structure of Talisman.


29694084_2050244465003143_934506156_o As you can see, our draft game is extremely similar to the game we were initially inspired by, Talisman.

For this to initially go forward…

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