Big Night Out – Group Game


Formerly known Pre-Drinks from my last blog post has been retitled to Big Night Out as we added a section of the game that is inside the clubThere were some thrown around ideas for Big Night Out, to make it with out a board, with a board, just a card game and so on but by settling on a physical board to follow, we thought would make the game easy to understand and for people to follow. As sometimes with complicated games like these it may be hard for people to grasp the gameplay with out one. The mechanics of the board game start simply, as each person takes a piece and puts there corresponding coloured house starting point.

game-158470_960_720.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.33.58 pm.png

To determine who goes first players roll and the lowest goes first then follows around the circle. The first player rolls there dice and if they land on a square with…

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