Dice Island: Mechanics

Dice Island: Mechanics

Ray Nguyen

In last week’s blog, my group was working on developing a board game named Dice Island and its narrative and story were presented. In this blog, details about the mechanics of Dice Island: game rule, how it works and its algorithm will be explored.

Dice Island is a role-playing game (players perform actions in turn). The game involves the use of both a deck of cards and 1 or 2 D6 dices. Each turn players begin with rolling a dice, and the dice number correlates with activating cards. In other words, if the number of the dice rolled matches the number of the card the player owns, it will activate a certain effect: allow the player to steal resources from other players, protect themselves from being stolen or give them a number of resources. The deck of cards is categorized into 4 groups, according to their role and effects, as shown in…

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