Settlers of Catan

Don't Forget Stephen

Settlers of Catan (now known as “Catan”) created by Klaus Teuber. The original game was first published in 1995 by a multitude of different publishers but within the USA and UK markets it was published by “Catan Studio”.  The main theme behind the game is to create and conquer the island of Catan done by gathering, building and expanding you settlements across the board.

Screenshot-Catan-1-225x225 Catan Board

The winning conditions of this game is the first individual to hit 10 victory points’ wins. This is done by creating roads, settlements and cities which all have a different victory associated with them and also development cards which can also have victory points as well as other advantages.

The main thing that stands out in Catan is the Agon aspects of strategy and competition inherent in the game. The basic set up of a Catan board feature 19 tiles, there are…

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