The Mechanics Of The Game


Games are the product of their mechanics and narrative working together. Last week, I recounted the narrative of our game. This week I will detail the mechanics, algorithms, and rules of the prototype for Abby and I’s party, ice breaker game, Odds On. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 8.50.47 pm Behind The Name (source)

Odds On is a tactical and fun party game in which players place bets on the odds of another player engaging in a given task. (Similar to Billionaire Banshee) It features some common gameplay mechanics including:

  1. Turns- players take turns together at the same time in the form of rounds
  2. Bidding- which forces players to compete against each other to enhance their position in the game.
  3. Cards,-which provide game designers and players, with multiple ways to construct each turn and round.
  4. Capture- which players aim to capture the most amounts of chips in bidding,
  5. Randomisers- such as power cards and the game…

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