Game Prototyping – phase 1


Give an account of the narrative and story of the group game being prototyped in class.

Olivia and I began prototyping a role playing card game where two groups (6 players max per group) compete against each other. One person plays a neutral mediator whose role is to watch each group play out 4 mini rounds of scenarios and decide who wins at the end based on how many mini rounds were won by the groups.
If there is an even amount of mini rounds won by each group then the game must go into a sudden death round.

The two groups must come up with a scenario each based on the cards that they are dealt. As a rough example, these cards per group may include:

  • 6 setting cards e.g. woods, club, church, hospital, shopping centres, beach
  • 24 object cards e.g. milk bottles, boat, rope, cheese, cricket bat, ball…

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