Provide an analysis of a board game played during class. Focus on game developer, publisher, theme, mechanics, rules and personal experience.

Kingdomino is a fun board game that can be enjoyed by 2-4 people and usually takes 15-20 minutes to play. It was designed by Bruno Cathala and published by Blue Orange Games in 2016.
The theme of the game is medieval with each player represented by four different coloured castles; blue, pink, green and yellow.

KINGDOMINO Kingdomino (2016)

The game itself does not have a narrative or storyline. It is a game structured off mechanics, which are as follows.
During each game, a pile of dominos are used (24 dominos are given to each player). Every round, four dominos are taken from the piles (1 domino per pile), placed in the centre of the table and are ordered from the highest to lowest numbers:


The dominos are then flipped to reveal…

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