BLOG POST 4: Individual contribution

Pippy in Australia

In week 6 we had our final presentation of the game we had been developing for the last 3 weeks. Our game was called AI: artificial island and was based on the popular game Werewolves, as discussed in my previous blog posts. Preparing for it involved a lot of research and adjusting to the game. I have discovered that creating a game is a long lasting process that requires constant testing and adaptation. Even though the game we pitched was completed, there is still enough room to expand and adapt it over time.

Screenshot (113)

In the co-creation of the game, I mainly contributed with research of other games, their mechanics, and rules, and finally coming up with ideas on how to implement them in our game. I also helped with research on the distribution of the game and its costs. I looked up the biggest game distributors in Australia and major retailers…

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