Individual Contribution to Game Pitch


For the BCM300 group game prototype pitch presented with Abby during class this week, I covered the aspects of game rules, comparable products in the market and estimated game production costs for our prototyped game: Odds On.

Detailing the game rules piggy-backed off already established rules discussed in my previous blog post.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 1.51.03 pmSlide From Pitch 

A video was displayed during the pitch describing how to play the initial round (before power cards are able to be added), as well as when power cards are added to the game, how to win rounds, and how to ultimately win the entire game.

I next looked at two comparable games already on the market that we were able to draw inspiration, ideas and influence from. Cards Against Humanity and Billionaire Banshee were identified as ice breaker party games designed for large groups of people, that both evidence similar mechanics to our prototyped game.

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