Making A Game Part 1: Story and Theme

Oblogatory Ben

There is a pivotal moment represented by the board game industry that was introduced to me by Christopher Moore that has really stuck with me since starting BCM300. What he talked about was the transition of importance by society from Academic prowess to General or “Pop Culture” knowledge. The game that represented this change? The answer was Trivial Pursuit. This resonated with me, for no other reason than I prefer Pop Culture knowledge to Academic knowledge.

But I let it simmer with me and I began to realise something; this change in societal emphasis could be compared to Art and how it has been divided into ages. Classic Art, Modern Art, and Post Modern Art. If social emphasis on Academia could be considered akin to the classic age, then Trivial Pursuit and everything since could be considered akin to the modern age. Continuing this comparison, I came up with…

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