Making A Game Part 2: Arguing as a Rule

Oblogatory Ben

Following on from my last game post about the themes and narratives of my pitched game, in this post I am discussing the importance of one mechanic from my game. Other mechanics will be posted by my colleagues Erin, Marcus and Michelle due to dreaded word limits.

The mechanic I will be discussing is arguing as a rule within the game. Arguing is extremely important to the gameplay of Trivial Bullshit as without it lying becomes bland and simple. For example; if three players were to tell the card holder their answer by simply going around in a circle, the card holder would just pick the answer that sounds the most plausible. This as the entire mechanic isn’t terrible, but it is extremely straightforward and allows players to simply get away with, it’s my answer because… I have the truth card.

Introducing arguing as a mechanic once each player…

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