The Settlers of Catan – Game Analysis

Oblogatory Ben

The Settlers of Catan is a wonderful game I had the privilege of revisiting in week 2 of my BCM300 Seminar. A game I had originally played a number of times as a kid, I hadn’t played Catan for years upon playing with colleagues. And yet somehow I was the most experienced player… (no one else had played before, what a tragedy).

The Settlers of Catan (or Catan, as it is sometimes called) is a trade and build based board game wherein the board changes each time you play depending on where the hexagonal tiles are placed within the shores of the island. The island of Catan is made of these hexagonal tiles, which are usually one of 5 different geographical resource designs: Forests, Brickpit, Mountain, Farmland, Wheat fields. A number is designated to each tile and whatever number is rolled by a player holding the 2 dice the game…

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