My Contribution

Mars Civi

Here’s my last update on “The Mars Expedition” project. Its done, and we had fun doing it. There were some minor troubles during the process but it doesn’t affect our work. Though, it was nicer if we had the time to make a prototype of the game.

We did received our feedbacks right after the presentation. Chris was impressed with our idea of making a post apocalyptic theme in Mars and how detail the world was. Big credit to Max for this idea, as our original idea was Atlantis based game where the main enemy is Poseidon. We did reference a lot from my favorite Youtuber, James Rolf A.K.A  Board James and boardgamegeek

Board James : 

Everyone did contribute some ideas on the gameplay mechanics. I did the characters and power cards. I tried to illustrate my design of the characters but time wont let me. Instead, I did reference some pictures from various characters like Prophet from Crysis 2, and Tony Stark from Iron Man as a close resemblance on how we picture the characters will look like in the game. We didn’t originally plan to characterize the players, but its an important aspect to create a “lively” world. As mentioned in my previous post, my definition of a fun board game is when players immerse themselves in the fictional world. Thats when I decided to add some background stories to the characters. To make players had that “depth” feel while playing the game.

Finally, everyone did their parts in designing the slides. Big credit to Chloe for the cool Mars themed in Prezi. Everyone contributed during the presentation and it went according to plan. Wish we had more time to design a prototype. But a complex game like this would probably take a long time to make. Overall, we’re happy with it.

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