Blog Post #4


For the prototype pitch of our group game, Trivial Bullshit, my main focus was on visual design and planning out the physical elements of our established mechanics — cards for questions and role assignment, whether or not to include a board, and other pieces such as a spinner for choosing questions. I also made diagrams and examples to use in the presentation for clarity in our explanation of how the game is played.


I took the logo from Trivial Pursuit to give strong visual representation of the game’s parody theme, and then further based the design of the cards on a simplified version of the Trivial Pursuit cards.


The Q&A cards needed to have text clearly visible on both sides, so that all players could read the answer on the reverse side without the person asking the question being able to see it. Because we were printing these for the sake of making a playable prototype to present, I also made two sheets of Q&A cards that were filled out with example questions and answers, as well as LIE/TRUTH cards, since we had determined that they were a necessary aspect of gameplay.



The diagrams were visual representation to accompany our class presentation; they were basic, but since we were going to have everyone play a round of the game, I wanted to make sure that it was as clear as possible. I wrote out dialogue of hypothetical gameplay to add to the Prezi slides too.


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