BCM300 Individual game initial ideas


Today in BCM300, we worked towards our own individual games, and quickly experimented by coming up with 10 ideas for games/themes within 10 minutes. While this was quite challenging these our the ideas I came up with:

A Monopoly Parody game, which makes fun of monopoly.

Horses with really long necks, who’s real name starts with G.

We’re not Televising that! (We’re not monetizing that!)

Is that a horse or a unicorn? No that’s a zebra

Is that art?

Bethoven’s last symphony (zombie survival game)

People vs cars

My dog is a police officer and I’ve committed a crime

Dinosaurs with no shoes

To quickly expand on some of these ideas ones which I’ve considered the mechanics for would include the monopoly parody game, is that art? And we’re not televising that.

In the monopoly parody game, (which still doesn’t have  proper title) the game would basically include many of…

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