Individual Game: Initial ideas

Individual Game: Initial ideas

Ray Nguyen

From this week forward, I am going to work on creating a game of MY OWN! In this week’s blog, I will brainstorm several ideas that I have drawn from what I learned during the process of preparing for our group’s game presentation last week.

During week 7 seminar, I was engaged in executing a brainstorming exercise facilitated by Richard Hall, which allowed me to develop brief ideas for my individual game in a short period of time. I have come up with three ideas for my individual game and the theme surrounds various mythologies around the world.

The first idea was a board game where players have to build up their village by moving around collecting resources. This idea is influenced by the game that I analyzed before – Machi Koro.

The second idea that I came up with was a card-based game where players have a number of cards…

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