Individual Game: Initial Idea

In class this week we brainstormed ideas for our individual game project. We had ten minutes to come up with ten ideas for our game. My list included:

  • Dog Escape
  • Running a Cinema
  • Insta Famous Doggo
  • Castle Rescue
  • Supermarket Express
  • Advice Game
  • Egyptian game
  • Trojan Horse
  • Toys come to life
  • Food takes over

My top three favourite ideas, included, Dog Escape, Insta Famous Doggo and Advice Game. We then used lenses to help develop one of the ideas. I chose the Lens of Competition Vs Cooperation, for the Dog Escape Idea.

30728602_1994414644144328_5394582295048880128_n.jpgDog Escape Narrative (This idea is a true story)

Jimbo the Moodle has escaped from home, after seeing Chester the cat. The Robson family soon realises that Jimbo has escaped and must find a way to bring him back home. The Lens of Competition vs. Cooperation provoked two ideas for gameplay. One being, the competition approach, where players raceā€¦

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