Individual Game Ideas

homebrew drafts.

In starting work on my individual game concept, I began with an attempt at following the 10 games in 10 minutes tutorial activity – alas, in a caffeine-deprived state, I only came up with nine, but adding a short description to each title helped me figure out which ones would be workable.

games.JPG Brainstormed games. I’m very quickly realising that I’m a sucker for economic management games.

The most viable in terms of production seem to be Scandal!, Structural Adjustment and This Startup Does Nothing. All three have a few things in common:

  • some form of in-game currency (expressed in the form of carboard chits or plastic cubes)
  • a satirical/parody-oriented narrative (about politics, political economy and startup culture respectively)
  • A player-driven narrative masked as a relatively ludic game.

All of these target a somewhat mature audience – Structural Adjustment would only appeal to people with some left-leaning political tendencies and an awareness of…

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