Don’t Let Them See You: Initial Ideas

Dawn's Disclosure

During the class brainstorm last week, I began developing an idea for a horror/comedy co-operative board game. The premise of Don’t Let Them See You is that the world has been overrun by man-eating monsters, and the objective of the game is to hide and make your way towards the Safe Zone.

Gameplay Ideas

  • Can be played collaboratively or individually, One For All vs. No Man Left Behind
  • Players must make their way across the board by implementing stealth and hiding mechanics to avoid the man-eating monsters
  • Hiding in closets, bushes, creating distractions, etc.
  • Some hiding spots have a maximum capacity (ex. the Closet Card may only be able to squeeze 2 players!)
  • Monsters will force players to retract their progress to avoid them
  • Players can save their friends if they have the resources
  • Certain monsters can be avoided with tools (some monsters are afraid of light, flashlight card)
  • Event…

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