BCM 300 Blog Post 5

My original idea for my game was to combine my favourite board game played in class with Pokemon.



The best board game I played was Splendor as it had simple mechanics  and could be replicated with almost any theme. The game would share similarities to Splendor as my game would feature cards and also chips which would be used as Pokeballs.




My game will also maintain the similar aspect of cards having different tiers, each tier being the evolution of a Pokemon. An example is Charmander, Charmelon and Charizard being Tier 1, 2 and 3 cards respectively. A considered element was having another set of chips or tokens that act as evolution pieces, enabling a players Pokemon to evolve from tier to tier. The winning player would be similar to Splendor as the player with the most evolved or strongest team of Pokemon would be the winner. Another considered element was giving each Pokemon card an attack stat or power stat where players would battle each other either at the end of each turn have one big battle at the end of the game.

I came to the realisation that I cannot actually use Pokemon in my game, this actually benefits the game as I can now design my own “monsters” instead of using already created Pokemon. It was everybody’s childhood dream to create their own real Pokemon, I get to do so with my game. Furthermore Pokeballs would be changed to another type of catching or collecting theme, an example is collecting element chips that correspond to the desired monster (fire, water, grass, electric chips).

My game can potentially have a more connecting or valuable aspect compared to Splendor. In class I was dealt the lens of Endogenous Value. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 1.26.51 pm

This lens questions the creator on what is valuable to the players in the game and how the players feel about these objects. The most valuable items to the players in my game is the monster cards as they are vital for victory. Players will contest over chips in order to acquire a certain monster. A further aspect which does not feature in Splendor is also present, the desire to contest for a monster that the player identifies as cute or cool. This desire adds a more connecting between player and the monsters they choose.

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