My Game Project

Heres a list on my possible game project

Eels & Escalators

Picture from: Spongebob

Eels and escalators was a game I always had in mind when someone said “boardgame”. The idea was originally from the popular TV show, Spongebob. We can clearly see that the writers were trying to rip off a classic board game called Snakes and Ladders . But they never mentioned anything on how to “really” play the game. From that episode, it briefly shows that the players had to roll the dice which consists 2 different sides (eels and escalators). Escalators means proceed, and eels means death. To sum up the game, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

So my main idea is to re-define the board game, to make it real and playable. First, we’ll replace the dice with cards, there will be a deck of cards with “eels” and “escalators”. Eels sends the next player back, and escalators will move the current player forward. Its similar to UNO where players will compete have to compete with each other, which means sabotage is part of the game.Players will draw 2 cards each round.But to spice things up, There will be some sabotage cards that can block players from drawing that round. The first player to reach the finish line wins the game, while the rest will compete for their finishing spots. Its a 2-6 player family game with a fun theme and art from Spongebob.

Dying Atlantis

Picture from: Google

The narrative of this game is set on a desperate time of Atlantis, as the city is low on resources. In a desperate attempt, King Poseidon is planning a genocide on its people to save the city. To do so, Poseidon will need an ancient power that was created but hidden by the gods of Olympus. Knowing that the ancient power is strong enough to destroy the Greek Pantheon, Zeus sent a group of champions to intercept the ancient power and bring back to Olympus.

The game mechanic is similar to, The Mars Expedition. Its a co-op game with an action allowance system. Different players will have different perks. There will be power and obstacle cards. The location of the Ancient Power is pure random every game. Time limit will be a crucial part of the game, once Poseidon reaches the Ancient Power, the games over. Do to its complexity, the main audience are young adult from the age 14 and above.

Honestly, I am still deciding which project to proceed, both are solid ideas.Wished I could do both but time wont let me 😦


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