Eels & Escalators: Project Update #1


After a long shower session thinking which project I should proceed, I’ve made my decision. Eels & Escalators will be my game project and I’ve finally figure out the mechanics.

I began my project a couple of days ago by re-watching that Spongebob episode over again. I was hoping to find a small detail that could feature in my re-defined version of the game


Honestly, I can go and watch that episode all day, its a classic. Anyway, the game will be a “competitive game” where players will compete to reach the finish line. The original scene from the show had dices, but it doesn’t make any sense to have 2 different sides on a 4 sided dice. Instead, it will feature 4 different cards:


  1. Eels makes the next player step back
  2. Escalators makes the current player step forward
  3. Block will prevent the next player to draw a card…

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