Don’t Let Them See You: Prototype & First Play

Dawn's Disclosure

Last week in class, I was able to mark up a rough version of what my board game, Don’t Let Them See You, would look like. Using a piece of A4 paper, several miniature figures, and a deck of blank cards, I began playtesting the first iteration of my game.

rough bg rules.png

Draft (1) of the game rules.

I was able to find three participants: Joey, Naomi, and Liam, ages 19, 20, and 20 respectively. As my game required four players, I decided to participate as well. After the participants had read the rules, I am happy to report that the participants were very excited to begin! They particularly enjoyed the aspect of individual character skillsets, and how each person was able to contribute in a different way to the team.


Playtest (1) of Don’t Let Them See You.

After reading the rules, I found that the players were still unsure with…

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