The Material Components of My Game


In this blog post I am going to expand on last week’s individual game prototype by detailing the material components I am experimenting with. Examining the game pieces using object oriented ontology (OOO) maintains that the game pieces exist independently of human perception, and are not limited by their relations with  humans or other objects. Thus, I am going to be looking at the game pieces on their own and what they are; not so much what they mean to the player. This will allow me to conceptualise my game visually and materiality, before developing the mechanics of the game.

Vampirings is a card game. Each card will be 63.5mm X 88.9mm in size (the same size as a a poke card) I propose there to be 4 different card types including:

Ring Cards

  • There are 5 variations of these cards and each ring card will be of different value depending…

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