‘Where’s Jimbo?!’ Board Game Rules

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 7.00.59 pm.pngGAME STORYLINE:

Jimbo the Moodle has escaped from home, after seeing Chester the cat. The Robson family soon realises that Jimbo has escaped and begins to search for their beloved dog. Players work individually, one taking on the role of the dog and the others, the family members.


There are two aims for the game, depending if you are the dog or a family member. The dog’s aim is to run away from the family by placing tiles down. The family’s aim is to place tiles down in order to chase the dog. Once a family member lands on the same tile as the dog, they win. The family members can choose to either work together or become the ultimate family member by finding the dog first.

  1. The game needs at least 2 players, and can have up to 5 players all together.
  2. One player takes…

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